Grab a Bite At These Top Long Beach California Restaurants

Most people recognize Long Beach as a big city in California, but there are plenty of big cities in the state, southern California especially. If you're looking for a cheaper place to live on the coast in southern California, Long Beach can be the place.

It's not cheap by any means, but I've done my homework on cheaper oceanfront properties along the west coast. Long Beach California fit the bill for my type of living and was hoping future price range.







While I ended up living on the complete opposite coast on the oceanfront, I have traveled to the west coast. Whether you are planning on moving there and choosing Long Beach or you are planning a California vacation and thinking about Long Beach, you need to know where all the good restaurants are and which ones are to your liking.

If you are moving, you might just become a regular to one or more of them. What is your favorite type of cuisine? Long Beach caters to two crowds.

All of the restaurants can be enjoyed by everyone, and it really
ultimately gives you a much larger, diverse and interesting selection. Why? Well, Long Beach also caters to tourists, not just its local residents.

There are many cities throughout the United States that cater to tourists though so what makes Long Beach so special?  Oceanfront vacation destinations go a little wild with all the things to do, restaurants and whatever looks and is fun.

Trust me as a local of one of these cities. Long Beach will be no different, and that's good news because you are going to have tons of restaurants to choose from.

Before we get to the first Long Beach California restaurant, I want to tell you that the oceanfront destinations do have a couple downsides when it comes to restaurants for the tourists. One of them is just funny.

The first is that you have to watch out for tourist prices, traffic and just being in that crowd when you don't want to be. Locals don't always want to be in the middle of the hooplah.

The funny point though was to watch out for duplicates and I don't mean chain restaurants. I mean I'm up to my eyeballs in pancake houses over here folks in Myrtle Beacch.

Now for the top Long Beach restaurants, and we are going to be able to get to quite a few. Nick's on 2nd, which you might have guessed is located on 2nd street, features menu highlifhts like butter cake, sea bass and fried chicken.

According to reviews, the deviled eggs aredelicious, too. There is plenty more to discover at Nick's on 2nd, but there are also other restaurants to explore inLong Beach.

What do you know about Greek food? If you're not yet a fan, I would say I bet you're about to be.

There are some great Greek foods to try, gyros and salads for starters. The #2 ranked restaurant in Long Beach currently according to one travel site is George's Greek Cafe.

It is located on Pine Avenue, and some of the menu items other than the delicious salads and gyros mentioned are lamb chops, chicken sandwiches and saganaki. Your next top restaurant to discover in Long Beach California is Pier 76 Fish Grill, and it is also located on Pine Avenue, just like George's Greek Cafe.

Fish tacos and lobster rolls await you the reviews say, and it is quite the happening place, complete with happy hour and all. Patiodining is available, so that's nice, too.

One customer calls itthe 'five star Long Beach experience.' Parker's Lighthouse is the next restaurant, and the Shoreline Village Drive establishment is a great place to enjoy some steak and seafood.

You can also get sushi rolls, calamari and all kinds of other delicious foods to eat at this trendy establishment. According to reviews, it is a great restaurant forcelebrations.

It can be for those special occasions if you live there, but if
you're on vacation, every time you go out to eat is a special occasion of course. This next top Long Beach restaurant's name features a phrase I bet you heard when you were a child.

Maybe this time, there will be no vegetables on your plate at Open Sesame. Open Sesame is located on E 2nd Street, and what you're going to get there is delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

You're talking chicken tawook, fried potatoes, tasty hummus, skewers and more. This is another restaurant that also features outdoor seating.

While not every restaurant will have outdoor seating, you can expect it to be a big enough trend considering you're on the beach at many of the best restaurants. On vacation in Long Beach, who knows if you will be up for breakfast outside the hotel or not.

As a local, would you go out for breakfast? Don't overlook one of the top restaurants in Long Beach now when it comes to The Breakfast Bar.

What a simple name but also a very telling name. It sounds like when you do decide to go for breakfast, you can get everything you want and as much of it as you want.

If that's true, then that is one of the best Long Beach California restaurants right there. Utopia is the next restaurant to be featured.

It is on East 1st Street, and the menu is said to be eclectic. One reviewer calls it a bright jewel, and another talks about the staff at the restaurant being amazing.

There are currently 935 restaurants in Long Beach, so we didn't quite get to them all. In all seriousness, you need a few more, don't you?

Considering how many there are, I'll name five more solid choices for you to enjoy. These are five more excellent top rated restaurants in Long Beach.

They are The Sky Room, The Queen Mary, Gladstone's Long Beach, Schooner or Later and Roscoe's House Of Chicken and Waffles, which by the way sounds like and looks like an establishment both vacationers and locals would select as a top restaurant together.